Our vision

We are rethinking the way millions of non-academic workers are recruited.
We let outstanding relationships between employers and employees flourish and help people achieve their full potential at a workplace they love.

Why we do it

We believe that everyone deserves a job that they love and makes them happy.
That’s why JobMatchMe brings together employees & employers more quickly & easily than ever before.
Our supervised machine learning and neural network algorithms create seamless matches of the best fitting candidates & companies to guarantee long-lasting & successful working relationships.

Are you interested working with us?

Working at JobMatchMe - komm an Bord und freu dich auf

  • das beste Team ever. Na gut, subjektiv - aber wir glauben daran
  • den schönsten Arbeitsplatz, den du je hattest mit Blick auf Reeperbahn,
    Elphi und Elbe
  • gemeinsam mit uns Geschichte zu schreiben!
  • So far, nobody really made an honest effort to make employees more satisfied with their jobs. It’s incredibly important to me not just to improve salaries, but to offer a better work-life balance.
    Yesica Rios
  • It’s increasingly important to find a suitable job nowadays. We do our best to find the matching job for our customers.
    Alireza Shahbaghi
    Product Manager

Problem and Solution

Successful collaboration between employee and employer


I can’t find a suitable employee. I don’t know who should work for me or where to find the right candidates.


I’m not happy with my job and don’t know where to find a matching employer that satisfies my needs

Get Data

Formal Criteria
Location, qualification, age, income, etc.

Cultural Criteria
Esteem, honesty, reliability, etc.

Predictive Criteria
Risk affinity, retention period/companies, etc.


Machine Learning

Stochastic Gradient Descent

Recurrent Neural Networks

Predictive Model

Matching Algorithm


Formal Fit

Cultural Fit

Prediction of future success

We are hiring!

We are looking for positive and motivated people to join our family.

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